This is what I do:

Develop and execute organizational design strategy
I help businesses envision a better future and create an environment where design excellence and innovation are nurtured.

Maximize business value from design and user experience
I help businesses manifest strategic intent and direct investment to realize greater value through design thinking and user experience research and design.

Build and lead the design practice
I help organizations of all sizes plan and navigate a journey from no formal design practice to being industry leaders in design excellence.

Coach & mentor designers
I love helping other designers grow, as I myself has been given guidance and instruction by many great design leaders.

Drive priority alignment across teams and functional groups
I use design thinking methods to help businesses break down silos and align efforts across departmental boundaries.

Craft human-centered product design strategy
I help teams deliver great products that provide for awesome customer and user experiences – because human-centered means it’s good for all of us.

Represent the organization to industry groups and the global design community
I frequently present to audiences of all sizes on topics related to user experience strategy and design leadership (see my Speaking page for a few examples.)